Marina Mana Petersen


Marina Mana is danish entrepreneurship coach, business developer, facilitator, author, artist and teacher.

Marina Mana Petersen is the author of the books “Netværkskogebogen” 2006, “Find din netværksstil” 2008, “Min Virksomhed” 2006, “Visuel Forretningsplan” 2013, “Knowledge sharing and Knowledge network ”2015, “ Become your own Boss ”2015 and “The Visual Business Plan” 2020

She is a PURE entrepreneurial force, a creative brain and an eternally searching and exploratory soul. Marina started her first entrepreneurial adventure at the age of 17 with her own hot dog cart. Since then, she has left independent traces as a writer, sign painter, networking consultant, entrepreneurial coach, rental of course rooms, rental of cows, developer of teaching materials, business developer, author, publisher and artisan creating paintings and nature art.

Even in her regular jobs, Marina has always had close contact with the wonderful world of entrepreneurship and was involved from the turn of the millennium DotCom wave, where she was responsible for Oracle Denmark’s first offer to DotCom entrepreneurs “Transmogrif” and “Venture Network”. She is also the Creatrix mother of several danish incubators, worked with Real Time Strategy at LEGO Serious Play, was an entrepreneurial consultant and facilitator for business networks at EVV, Growth and cluster consultant at Copenhagen Business Hub and development consultant at Danish Coast- and Nature Turism.

She is educated in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Niels Brock) and in Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.