Dreaming of your own Business?

We take you by the hand all the way!

With the creative workbook THE VISUAL BUSINESS PLAN in hand, you will be guided through a step- by -step process. Explore all aspects of your business model in a fun and intuitive way. The workbook allows you to work in depth of all aspects of your dream business, so you can build it on a solid foundation. Read more here

This is the single most engaging and impactful learning tool that I have used in teaching and mentoring start-up entrepreneurs. I am so happy that it’s now available in English on Amazon!

– Professor Brian Hawkins UC San Diego

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“Now I know It can be fun and motivating to make a business plan! ” In “The Visual Business Plan” entrepreneurs can express themselves with both heart and mind. I found that it was easier to describe ideas and goals compared to a regular writing process. It takes time to fill in the templates, as with a regular plan, but it’s a lot more fun to convey with colors, pictures, drawings and writing.”

– Entrepreneur, cand.comm. Elisabeth Kolerus Wind, Denmark

This is such a great book. Makes the whole process less daunting and much more fun . Totally recommend. 5 stars !

-Laura Kingan, UK

“Working through The Visual Business Plan book gave me great insight, structure, and ideas for my interior design business. The format of the book satisfied my creative right brain while also feeding my analytical left brain.”

-Chelsea Ballantyne, Canada

“I highly recommend the work book, which inspires to work concretely, purposefully and constructively, but at the same time provides space to develop ideas as well as energy to pursue professional visions.”

– Entrepreneur Anne Marie Marquardsen, Den gode daginstitution, Denmark